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Why another package manager?

KRpmDrake tries to bring the features of Mandrake's Software Manager (aka "RpmDrake") to KDE. RpmDrake has the ability to display any packages which can be installed from CDs and the internet, and can therefore automatically resolve dependencies, and update entire applications when available. However many newcomers to Linux prefer KDE's user interface as it is generally more attractive, and can be made to look like Microsoft Windows.
KRpmDrake will also be more configurable than the original while still retaining a simple, easy to use interface.


  • Lists the packages available from a variety of sources including CD-ROMs and the internet
  • Lists the packages already installed on the user's computer
  • Shows detailed information about each package including a file list and a description of the package's purpose
  • Provides sortable, searchable, categorized lists of packages
  • On demand, transfers packages from their sources to the user's hard drive using KDE's built in file transfer routines
  • Checks packages for unsatisfied dependencies and searches the sources in an attempt to satisfy them
  • Uninstalls existing packages and, optionally, anything that depends on them


There are no screenshots yet - sorry.

Contact information

The author of KRpmDrake is David Sansome. You can contact him by email, and occasionally with an instant message:

  • ICQ: 60636186
  • MSN:
  • AIM: davidsansome42